Concert Hall “Mazā Ģilde”

Installed: Ventilation & cooling system

Area (m²):  560

Air Flow (m³/s):  4

Chiller cooling power (kW):  80

I can not judge the technical nuances of ventilation systems but very useful in our work is a possibility that can regulate the temperature in offices at the heart liking. Specifically, it facilitates the work of the hot summer days. Primarily to our clients who are often in the "Mazā Ģilde" organizes a variety of recreational activities and presentations, you can feel comfortable and pleasant, if the room is ventilated and cooled during hot weather. Among our clients are all embassies, ministries, State Chancellery, the large companies, concert parties, etc.
Director of "Mazā Ģilde" Lilita Laine


Shoping center “SKY”

Installed: Ventilation & cooling system

Area (m²):  2823

Air Flow (m³/s):  5

Vikomakss ventilation systems were installed in the shop SKY Ulmaņa street. So far no problems with ventilation - everything is functioning. An important fact is that the in ventilation design work took part an experienced designer from Finland. I am also pleased with the fact that the ventilation equipment was installed at a price of a previously agreed. Space ventilation, especially in hot days, you can enjoy both store visitors and staff. It was not unnecessarily removed the money.
"SKY Baltija" Co-owner Raitis Tumaševskis

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